By appointment to the Royal Danish Court

The Royal Warrant

Danish Crown A/S was appointed as purveyor to the Royal Danish Court back in 1966 and Tulip has been using the Royal Warrant around the world for many years.

Being a holder of the Royal Warrant (‘By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court’) Tulip has permission to use the Royal Warrant and an image of the Royal Crown along with Tulip’s name and trademark on signs, letterheads, packaging and labels. The image of the Royal Crown, the purveyor designation and Tulip’s company name and trademark TULIP must always be displayed together; exactly like it is seen in the Tulip brand logo.

Only a small group of about 100 Danish companies (and 6 foreign companies) are appointed as purveyors to the Royal Danish Court. The Royal Warrant is granted to a single person in a company, usually the owner, the managing director or the chairman of the board of directors. This designation is conferred by Her Majesty the Queen herself.

For a company to become and remain a purveyor to the Royal Danish Court the company must be well-reputed and have an established record of being a supplier to the Royal Court over several years.